From Roof Inspection to Crawlspace, Get a Home Inspection Near Buffalo, NY, Before Listing Your House

Selling your house is one of the most important transactions you can make in your lifetime. It’s a very emotional and stressful moment, and this combination can make people make precipitated decisions. In order to get the best deal possible for your house, it is imperative that you work with a certified home inspector to ensure that your house is in tip-top shape before you list it. Doing this will allow you to make due repairs before putting your home on the market, opening up the possibility of finding a better-suited prospective buyer. Don’t settle for less than the best, and team up with an expert near Buffalo, NY that will handle everything from electrical, drainage, and roof inspection!

I Offer Far-Reaching Pre-Listing Inspection Services

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My goal here at Henderson Home Inspections is to be your only point of contact for all your inspection needs before listing your house. I will personally go through every nook and corner of your home, documenting any damage or condition issues. After the inspection, I will provide you with a highly detailed and easy-to-understand inspection report to let you know what you might want to work on before listing your house on the market.

Our pre-listing inspection services include:

  • Roof inspection
  • Kitchen inspection
  • Bathroom inspection
  • Drainage system inspection
  • Electrical inspection

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If you want to get your seller home inspection performed by an accomplished and seasoned home inspector near Buffalo, NY, you’ve come to the right place! Contact me today to schedule your pre-listing inspection, and I’ll be more than happy to provide you with a free estimate.

My Full Range of Services

Allow a home inspection specialist to check your building from roof to crawlspace.

Home Inspection

Get accurate radon testing with the use of digital devices and charcoal canisters.

Radon Testing

I’ll locate any issue with your sewer line ASAP with a sewer camera inspection.

Sewer Camera Inspection

I’ll ensure that your building is in pristine condition before you put it on the market.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Is your home starting to feel a bit old? I can inspect it to see what needs to be done.

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